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Upcoming reunion info:

Reunion details, hotel info, official invite
All the details you need to know about the 310-year reunion in July 2008, including details on the Valley Forge hotel, information on sessions planned and word on the official invtations.
>> Signup/RSVP form (PDF format)
>> Original Announcement: 310-year reunion planned  
>> For more info, email

Join the Foulke oral history project
Tell the story of your line of the family, talk about your parents or grandparents or just reminisce about your own life -- for the benefit of our future descendants.
>> Sample audio file: Lila's Hodge's Foulke memories

Lila Hodges

Current Features:

Current Foulke Family newsletter
Read the current version of the Foulke Family newsletter, including family news, the family association's financial reports and an update from Chairman Bruce Foulke.

William Dudley Foulke, civil rights champion
From 1870 until his death in 1935, William Dudley Foulke dedicated his life to social causes, first championing civil service reform and fighting Boss Tweed's politicial machine. He later fought for women's suffrage and agitated for better conditions in Russia on humanitarian grounds.

Past news:

Edwin Foulke serving as assistant labor secretary
Edwin G. Foulke, Jr., has been leading the U.S. government's Occupational Safety and Health Administration since May 2006. In his post, he is an assistant secretary of labor and responsible for ensuring the safety of all American workers.

Keith Foulke gets World Series win
In 2004, we celebrated with cousin Keith Foulke, who pitched the closing inning of the winning game for the Boston Red Sox in the World Series. Keith retired from baseball in early 2007. Here is the congratulatory posting we put up after the World Series that year.
>>  Other Famous Foulkes

Highlighted resources:

Sally Wister's Journal
Sally Wister was a teenager during the Revolutionary War. Her widely celebrated journal documented her wartime experiences, including the part of her life spend at the Foulke mansion in Penllyn, Pennsylvania. Browse through the introduction through the link above.

>>  Edward Foulke's narrative of his immigration
>>  The Hugh Foulke House, Quakertown, Pennsylvania
>>  The 1898 Foulke Reunion Memorial Volume

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