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Look for more information on a commemorative video

The Executive Committee has authorized reproduction of a limited edition video celebrating our family, its members, its accomplishments, and the Reunion weekend.  Included in the footage will be footage taken by the videographer during the weekend of the different events and photos taken by Official Photographer Doug Foulke.  The Committee enivisions this as a visual and audio history of our family.  This will be a project of some duration, so more information will be available later.

In search of video footage

We need your help. If you took a video of the Saturday morning welcoming ceremonies, please make a copy of your footage and send it to the reunion committee at P.O. Box 768, Worcester, PA, 19490.  We have no footage of this historic event and we do want to include it in our video volume.  Please look through your archives and copy any footage you have of that ceremony.

Section last updated February 02, 2001
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