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February 2001


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The Condition of the Genealogy Committee

It's been relatively quiet on the Foulke front, but that doesn't mean the excitement ended with the picnic at Foulkeways last year.  The Reunion Committee remains in close touch with each other and the family information will be available on the Internet in the near future.  We're still exploring what-to-do versus that what-not-to-do's in order to provide a quality Web site for everyone to enjoy.  Family members Andy Gammill, Bill Spencer and Joe Rodriguez have graciously volunteered to handle the details of keeping the Web site up-to-date.  When everything is in place, we will advise you.

In the meantime, inquiries continue to arrive from possible cousins, most recently from Barbara and Ed Foulke in Texas, and George Bowers.

Ed's father was John Martin Foulke, born Phoenixville, PA. John Martin had a brother George Edward Foulke.  John Martin Foulke's father was also named John and also had a brother named George Edward.  As luck would have it, the George Foulke we have on our mailing list, who lives in Phoenixville, is not the correct George Foulke.  I also have no existing link in our database, so if anyone out there has information please contact me to get his e-mail address.

George Bowers information is a bit clouded.  His father was James Nolan Foulk (no e on the end).  James Nolan's father was listed in the 1910 Coaldale, Schuykill census as John Sylvester Fulk.  John Sylvester Fulk's wife was Margaret May Nolan.  In the 1920 census, the last name appears as Foulk.  They had seven children: Anna Bell Foulk (m. Robert Bennett); Carrie M. Foulk; John Earl Foulkes (m. Beatrice); Harold Edgar Faulk; Lenora I. Foulk (m. William Buchman); Evelyn Dollie Foulk; and James Nolan Foulk (m. Margaret Hartley).  (Any differences you see in the spelling of the surname have been taken directly from George's inquiry.)  Again, I have a lot of Hartleys and Nolans in the database, but none to match any of the Foulkes in question.  If anyone has information that will help, please let me know.

Those of you who have been linked into the Edward and Eleanor Foulke line, please make certain that you keep us up-to-date on any changes in your family's status.  A marriage, divorce, birth or death needs to be recorded in order to keep the database up-to-date.  For your convenience, go to the form on this site, Send an update, to do so.  If that page is not working for whatever reason, e-mail it to  If you prefer the old fashioned method or want to personalize it, drop me a postcard.  Make certain to include your full name (there's lots of Ed, Charles and John Foulkes out there) and date of birth.  This how I will be able to make certain that the change you send is applied against the correct family.

For those you who requested printouts and diskettes at the reunion, please be patient. I haven't forgotten you, just having memory (computer) problems.

M. Ann Hellmann, Genealogist

Section last updated February 02, 2001
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