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February 2001


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Download GEDCOM files

After much fighting with our computers, we are finally able to offer several GEDCOM files of the Foulke family.  Choose among the selections below.

If your browser displays a text file instead of downloading, right click on the link and select "Save target as" or "save file as".  You can then save it to your hard drive.

WARNING: Although the data in the files should be very accurate as far as relationships between people go, some of the dates, places and name spellings may vary because we have accepted the data from family members without attempting to verify it.

PRIVACY NOTICE: We have made our best attempts to remove all information about living individuals from this file.  We recognize that some of this data may be considered confidential.  If you find a person in the database who is still living, please notify us immediately and we will remove him or her.

You may wish to download one of the compressed files instead of the corresponding ".ged" files.  The download time will be quicker, but you must have an application such as WinZip to uncompress.

If you would like to request an additional GEDCOM file be created and posted to the site, email  If you would like to point out a correction to the file, email

Section last updated February 02, 2001
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