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Foulke Genealogy Sites & Links

Our collection of links to other Foulke or Foulke-related genealogy sites. Most are descendants of Edward and Eleanor. Send email to if you want your web page to be added to this list.

WARNING: By clicking on these sites, you are leaving  Although we have reviewed the content, we cannot guarantee you will not find something you find offensive.  And even if you get lost, don't forget to come back to!

The Boone Family-- The Boone Society's official homepage.

Garry's Genealogy Site-- A great genealogy site by another Foulke, Garry McLaughlin. He has more than 25,000 names in his database and you can download the GEDCOM file from his site.

Andy Gammill's Genealogy site-- When not devoting my time to, I post some of my more recent Foulke ancestry information here.

Bill Spencer's Genealogy site-- When Bill's not devoting his time to, he'll tinker with this site, a compilation of Foulke group sheets including some ancestry of Edward and Eleanor.

The Stanwyck Family Genealogy Home Page-- Don and Judy Stanwyck's page about their ancestry. They are also descendants of Edward and Eleanor and have information in their Gedcom files.

The Obuch & Adams Family History Page-- A site with some information about Edward and Eleanor's Boone descendants. (I think).

Allen Peterman's homepage-- Allen descended from Edward's daughter Jane, and her descendants are the Hughes branch. This site has a lot of the royal ancestry of Edward.

Jeremy Franklin's Genealogy Page-- Jeremy is another descendant of Edward and Eleanor Foulke. He comes down a similar line as Allen above.

The Boone/Chaney Connection-- A very nice homepage that has information on descendants of Mary (Foulke) Boone. This is the easiest to read FamilyTreeMaker site I've seen yet.

Bradley - Vannoy - McCandless - Dotson Home Page-- Another Boone descendancy homepage.

Welsh Quaker families from Pennsylvania and Ontario -- This page has little information on Edward and his children, but focuses more on Eleanor's side. It does focus on the Hughes and Boone descendants of Edward and Eleanor. Be warned that not all of the information appeared to be 100% accurate.

Tom Martin's Genealogy Page-- Lots of information on the ancestors of Edward and Eleanor.

Tom Moore's Genealogy Page-- Information on Edward's ancestry and descendancy.

Miriam Bertelson's Genealogy Page-- A page dedicated to Quaker roots in Pennsylvania.

Links of Interest to Foulkes

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