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February 2001


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Family Group Sheets

Browse through the group sheets we've posted.  So far you'll just find Edward and Eleanor, their kids and grandkids.  Soon we'll be expanding it.  They are linked together through parents and children for easy navigation.

Foulke, Edward
Foulke, Thomas
Foulke, Edward
Foulke, William
Foulke, Ellin
Foulke, Sarah
Foulke, Susanna
Foulke, Grace
Foulke, Jane
Hughes, John
Hughes, William
Hughes, Samuel
Hughes, Edward
Hughs, Margaret
Foulke, Hugh
Foulke, Mary
Foulke, Martha
Foulke, Samuel
Foulke, Eleanor
Foulke, John
Foulke, Thomas
Foulke, Theophilus
Foulke, William
Foulke, Ann
Foulke, Jane
Foulke, Catharine
Foulke, Evan
Foulke, Esther
Foulke, Margaret
Foulke, Margaret
Roberts, Jane
Roberts, Elizabeth
Foulke, Cadwallader
Foulke, Judah
Foulke, Gwen

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