The 1860 Spencer Bible

Publication Date: Unknown
Date of First Entry: 17-Jan-1860
Original Owner: William F. and Christiana Spencer
Inscription: Presented to William F. & Christiana Spencer by
their brother M Errickson Jany 17 th 1860
Enclosures: None
Held by William Foulke Spencer IV
Transcription by William Foulke Spencer V in 1975
Web transcription in 1999, 2001.


William Foulke Spencer (I) was the son of Jesse Spencer and Mary Custard Spencer, and was a doubly-descended great-great-great-grandson of Edward & Eleanor Foulke:

Edward  >  Thomas  >  William  >  Lydia Foulke m. John Spencer  >  Jesse  >  William F.

Edward  >  Hugh  >  Samuel  >  Amelia Foulke m. Joseph Custard  >  Mary  >  William F.

The Bible records the births and the marriages of Wm. F. and Christiana Spencer and each of their 6 children, and the deaths of Christiana and one daughter, spanning 1833 to 1910.

It also traces the westward movement of the Spencer family, from the Foulke and Spencer roots at Gwynedd, Penllyn, and Moreland, first to the Philadelphia Meeting, where they were married, and then to Cincinnati, Ohio; Richmond, Indiana; and finally Muncie, Indiana, where William F. Spencers I through IV lived.  William F. (I) was the last of Jesse and Mary Spencer's children, in the line that owned the Foulke Mansion at Penllyn, built on Edward's original land.  He was the last Foulke descendent born in the Mansion, as his brother George inherited it, and sold it in 1855, when Wm. F. was 21.

This Bible was presented to William F. and Christiana Bradley Spencer at their wedding, January 17, 1860, by their brother-in-law Michael Errickson.  He was the husband of Christiana's older sister Elizabeth Bradley Errickson, and William & Christiana's first-born daughter was named after her Aunt Elizabeth.

The Bible was published by Leavitt & Allen, New York, undated, and the Family Record section follows the Apocrypha.

Italics indicate literal transcriptions.



Elzabeth [sic] Errickson Spencer daughter of William F. and
Christiana Spencer was born at Cincinnati on Saturday
January 19 th 1861 at 315 PM

Mary Thomas Spencer daughter of William F. & Christiana
Spencer was born at Cincinnati on Wednesday April 27 th
1864 at 5 PM

Gertrude Spencer daughter of William F. & Christiana
Spencer was born at Richmond Ind on Thursday November
8 th 1866 at 6 PM

Anna Spencer daughter of William F. and Christiana
Spencer was born at Richmond Indiana on Thursday
February 25 th 1869 at 230' PM

George Moreland Spencer Son of William F. and Christiana
Spencer was born at Richmond Indiana on Wednesday September
27 th 1871 at 1159' PM. And was named in honor of his Great
Uncle George Spencer of Mooreland. [sic] Pennsylvania

William Foulke Spencer [Jr.] Son of William F & Christiana
Spencer was born at Richmond Indiana on Friday Novem-
ber 28 th 1873 at 6 AM



William Foulke Spencer of Cincinnati Ohio and Christiana
Bradley of Philadelphia Penna was married Jany 17 th 1860

William F Spencer born December 31 st 1833

Christiana Bradley born January 20 th 1835

Linnaes C Boyd and Mary T Spencer was married June 19th 1890

Robert Butler Kersey and Elizabeth E Spencer were married
October 5 th 1892

George Morland [sic] Spencer and Grace Eugenia Tibbets were
married June 26 th 1895

George Francis McCurdy and Gertrude Spencer were married
Sept 30 th 1896

William Foulke Spencer Jr and Estelle Cunningham were married
Oct 20 th 1897

Wallace Beardsley Tibbets and Anna Spencer were married
June 3 rd 1903



Elizabeth E Kersey wife of Robert B Kersey and daughter of
William F. and Christiana Spencer Died at Colorado Springs
Colorado March 11 th 1908 in the 48th year of her age.

Christiana Bradley Spencer Wife of William Foulke Spencer
Died at Muncie Ind Mar 5 th 1910 in the 76th year of her age.

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