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Family Bible Records Registry

One of the most treasured possessions of many of our ancestors was the family Bible.  It went with them as they traveled across country.  Mothers cried over them as they recorded the deaths of their children.  Often times it was the only possession that was saved when the house burnt down.

A surprising number of the family Bibles exist still today, along with the valuable data about family members they include.  They are of importance to us as descendants because they were important to our ancestors.  They are important to us as genealogists because of the information.

The goal of this project is to capture the information about the family members and post it here.  We'll also create a registry of who owns which Bibles today.  We hope this will create a valuable tool for Foulke researchers and bring many of us a lot closer to our ancestors.

Here's how it works:

  1. Consult the list of Bibles others are currently transcribing.  Because some people are transcribing from photocopies, the one you have might already be listed.
  2. If it's not listed, go to the Bible Registration form.  This will allow us to add you to the list and make sure that the Bible belongs to a descendant of Edward and Eleanor Foulke.  Also, we cannot accept Bible records that pertain to families after 1930.
  3. Wait for a reply from the Bibles Project Coordinator.
  4. When you receive the go-ahead from the coordinator, begin transcribing the family record of the Bible you have or if you already have send a text file copy of the transcription.  Be sure to note any special characteristics of the Bible, including publication date, condition, any enclosures, and any inscriptions.
  5. IMPORTANT: The transcription should be an exact duplicate of what's written in the Bible.  Do not correct misspelled names, bad grammar or wrong dates.
  6. Send the file to the Bibles Project Coordinator.
  7. Feel the satsifaction of helping out other family members!
  8. If you have any questions or comments, email

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