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Foulke Biographies

This section contains biographies written by both the Reunion Committee and members of the Association.

  • Fossil Hunnter — A book by Michael Dooling on William Parker Foulke's discovery of Hadrosaurus foulkii.
  • Famous Foulkes -- A sampling of some of the more famous of Edward Foulke's progeny, over the last 300 years and today!
  • Edward Foulke: Our Immigrant Ancestor -- An overview of the life of our forebear: his life in Wales, his decision to emigrate, and the story of his life in the new world.
  • Eliza Foulke Ambler -- A descendant of Edward and Eleanor Foulke was a Friends missionary and dedicated her life to serving Eastern Pennsylvania and the world at large.

We're always interested in more biographies!  Do you have a copy of a Foulke biography?  Or, are you game to take a shot, and write the story of your favorite Foulke?  Do you have fond remembrances of a Foulke?  Gather your story together, and send it to us.

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