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February 2001

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Essays on the Foulke Family History

Over the course of time, there have been quite a few things in our family's history have merited a second look, a little bit of analysis, or just a little more explaining.  Here is a collection of essays that strive to fulfill that purpose.


Homesteads and Places

  • Rhiwaedog: The Bloody Hill of the Red Wolf -- This supreme treasure is in the form of a stone mansion, in which generations of descendants of one of the most powerful 12th century Welsh Lords, our ancestor, Rhirid Flaidd, lived.  So ruthlessly did he rule ...
  • Coed-y-Foel Isaf: Our Last Welsh Home roots: -- When Edward and Eleanor departed from Coed-y-Foel Isaf in 1698, they probably never even imagined their descendants would return three centuries later.  Read one current Foulke family's story about their visits to the Welsh farm.
  • The Hugh Foulke House -- The house Edward's son, Hugh, built in the 1730's still stands today and has quite an illustrious history.  Find out all the lore behind this old house.
  • A Brief History of the Homestead at Penllyn -- The original Foulke Mansion, built by his grandson William near the site of Edward Foulke's original 1698 cabin, was torn down in the early 1980's, but we still know the history of the old mansion.
  • The Burgess Foulke Home, Quakertown, Pa. -- When the freeway came to Quakertown, it threatened to destroy the home originally occupied by a descendant of Edward and Eleanor, the first Burgess of Quakertown.  But the house was moved and saved, and still stands today.


  • Stuart Davis -- A cousin that is considered one of America's greatest painters
  • Foulke Factoids -- All those accumulated little facts about the family, originally presented monthly on our entry page!
  • Underground Railroad -- Foulkes played a significant role in assisting slaves to freedom.

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