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Foulke Family History

The known history of our family spans 1,500 years. You can find Foulke blood running through the veins of British kings, Medieval Welsh knights, colonial statesmen, members of the House of Representatives, reknowned scientists, and great artists.  However, the great number of Foulkes have been common men and women, working the land or teaching school.  The information in this section will introduce you all of them.  When you examine the Foulkes from the last 15 centuries, you can get a feel for who we are.
  • Documents -- Read first-hand source documents on the Foulke family like the 1898 Memorial Volume or Edward's Exhortation to his Children.
  • Essays -- Read essays on the Foulke family, mainly from the Foulke Herald.
  • Biographies -- Browse biographies of our Foulke ancestors.  We have already written them up for Edward and Eleanor's children and grandchildren, but if you want to submit more, feel free.
  • Foulke Bibles Registry -- Our storage place for Foulke Bible records.  If you have a Bible that was owned by a Foulke ancestor or are looking for one, this is the place for you.

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